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Your path as a successful trader

AIIP connects the worlds of cryptocurrencies and traditional finance. This is successfully operating AI for managing crypto assets on crypto exchanges.

Use the automated tools built into the platform. It allows you to earn round the clock without human involvement. This system is independent, self-adaptive, and shows high resilience and operational stability.

It is a perfect tool for storing crypto capital. Here you can invest your crypto assets in tokens of traditional financial instruments and get stable profitability.

Promo Season
To promote our platform and attract as many users as possible who are interested in the AIIP token, we’re carrying out a large-scale promotional campaign for the successful launch of PRESALE tokens AIIP. It will run from 22.09.2021 to 13.12.2021 and consist of several stages:

Period: 22.09.21 - 23.10.21

Prize pool: 20 000 USDT

  • Follow our social media pages.
  • Do the quests.
  • Get your account with USDT.
  • Be the first who enter the platform.

1000 tickets

Period: 04.10.21 – 01.11.21

Prize pool: 77 000 USDT

  • Register in the Whitelist, get your referral link, and share it with friends by email and social networks to win up to 10'000 USDT
  • Only 1000 users are entered
  • First place 10 000 USDT
  • All entered users will be deposited 50 USDT to 10’000 USDT


Period: 09.11.21 - 24.01.22

Prize pool: 440 000 USDT

Participants will receive a guaranteed yield of 20%.

The maximum size of funds with a guaranteed yield of 20% for Promo Event in 51 days is: 1’800’000 USDT

NFT Rewards

token PRE SALE

Period: 24.01.22 - 20.02.22


Open Robots dashboard for users

NFT Robots Boost

Will be available after Company Promo
TGE. Listing.
Token Generation Event


Token listing


will be available after pre sale
Innovative solution
Innovative solution
Our marketing team could find an innovative solution. We run a special campaign to gain interest in our product.
Unique campaign proposition
Unique campaign proposition
means that by redeeming coins at an inflated value, we involve a potential client, attracting him to research the product and participate in the process.
Mutual benefit
Mutual benefit
is another strong point. We gain the loyalty of a potential client who can become an active user of our services, investing in each of them.
Fast and guaranteed profit
Fast and guaranteed profit
We perform a maximum level of involvement, and a client receives fast and guaranteed profit by selling us coins at an inflated price.

With AIIP your crypto assets get online access to trading algorithms controlled by bots based on self-learning neural networks.

The AIIP token is a kind of security that confirms the user's ownership of a part of the pool of crypto assets managed by our company's bots.

The secured AIIP token price is calculated based on the total amount of crypto assets managed by our company's bots divided by the total number of tokens, which is limited to 3 000 000 AIIP.

The AIIP token will be secured by the liquidity of the crypto assets pool managed by the company's trading bots, and since the number of AIIP tokens is strictly limited, the token price will grow together with capitalization based on the profitability of our trading algorithms over a considerable period of time.

In order to receive AIIP tokens on the most favorable terms, we recommend that you participate in our Promo campaign. White List participants who staked their tokens at the Promo Event stage enjoy being the first to be granted AIIP tokens on the terms fixed at the time of staking.

According to the development plan, prior to the launch of AIIP token sale and token launch on exchanges and swap platforms, from October 20, 2021 to December 20, 2021, our company is conducting a campaign to build the AIIP community and attract potential investors.

The Promo campaign consists of 2 main stages: White List and Promo Event, during which the users will receive many bonuses and gifts from our Promo partner Apple Inc. and most importantly the opportunity to stake tokens before the Presale stage on special terms.

The White List stage takes place from October 20, 2021 to October 31, 2021 and is a marketing event during which users subscribe and participate in the allocation of 77,000 USDT - TOP-1000 participants will receive 50 USDT and more. The main prize, 10,000 USDT, will be awarded to the user with the most points. The points are accrued for various participant activities as per the table provided on the events page.

Detailed information about terms and conditions may be found on the White List page.

The Promo Event stage takes place from November 01, 2021 to December 20, 2021. At this stage, the users get access to their personal accounts, with the ability to stake a limitednumber of AIIP tokens on special terms and participate in the prize draw to win gifts from our Promo partner Apple Inc.

Detailed information about terms and conditions may be found on the Promo Event page.

The users will get the opportunity to purchase AIIP tokens from December 21, 2021. As part of the Christmas Presale we are putting up for sale the initial offer of 600 000 AIIP.

The total number of tokens that will be offered during the Presale and Sale rounds will not exceed 60% - 1 800 000 AIIP, of which 600 000 AIIP will be offered at Presale and 1 200 000 AIIP at the Sale stage. All proceeds from the AIIP token sale will be used to increase the pool of crypto assets managed by the company's trading bots, and this how by mid-Q1 2022 our company plans to more than double in size.

The opportunity to sell AIIP tokens will be available to the users of our platform from January 24, 2022 at the time the token is released on crypto exchanges and the Token Sale is officially launched.

We firmly believe in the success of our company and provide our users with the right to choose - each user will be able to either stake all funds received during the Promo campaign for the purchase of AIIP tokens on special terms, or withdraw USDT to their personal wallets at any time after the Promo campaign is completed.

The White List article:

  • Huge congratulations to everyone on the official launch of our Promo campaign!

We invite the crypto community to participate in the grand liquidity giveaway:

  • Budget 77 000 USDT
  • 1000 prizes from 50 USDT
  • Main prize of 10 000 USDT

From 20th to 31st of October, 2021 join the White List and participate in the quiz which will offer to the winner a check for 10,000 USDT for participation in the Presale of the AIIP token.

How AIIP works

Make the most of the AIIP. The system comprises LSTM, NARX, and deep learning. The program is constantly learning and adapting to all kinds of scenarios.

Use the latest trading tools and do not worry about the safety of your funds, because the system performs the following tasks:

  • calculate stop loss and take profit;
  • predicts the future dynamics of cryptocurrencies;
  • analyzes the state of the cryptocurrency market;
  • measures and gains access to the risks of the entire portfolio and individual assets;
  • generates trading signals and manages them through the APIs of the crypto exchange.
The present version of the program has the following functional modules:
Automatic strategy push
Automatic strategy push
The system automatically reallocates funds in portfolio assets. This allows investors to strike an appropriate balance between risk and return.
Trade cryptocurrency with 100x leverage and guaranteed stop loss. Invest in a wide range of assets, including tokenized stocks, commodities, and indices, with the ability to predict price movements, calculate the level of risk and levels of profit and loss.
Data analysis
Data analysis
Self-study, analyze data in real-time, invest and get high liquidity.
Placement of funds
Placement of funds
Given the exchange between cryptocurrencies, the system automatically distributes funds between different assets.
The AIIP system works around the clock and in real-time.
However, it has the following functionality:
An easy-to-use, innovative platform built with a system to track the rise and fall of prices for different assets selects the most predictable cryptocurrency.
Automatic Balancing
To get a balance between risk and return, the system will automatically redistribute funds in portfolio assets.
Automatic Balancing
Market conditions are constantly changing. The parameters of mathematical models of neural networks also change. Our system can adapt to these changes and make the appropriate adjustments.
Strategy Analysis
We built many strategies into the system based on which signals for entering trades are calculated and signal the investor about to take profit and stop loss.
Strategy Analysis
Tracking the Dynamics
Track the development of key cryptocurrencies. Take into account their mutual correlation and choose the cryptocurrency for investment that has the maximum similarity and differences from the market index. The system analyzes the statistical data on price dynamics and then makes forecasts and risks of losses.
Tracking the Dynamics
Portfolio Monitoring
The system monitors the current portfolio, determines the conditions for closing existing and opening new positions based on the received Take Profit or Stop-loss signals. The system also monitors the dynamics of growth and fall of strategic goals. This allows you to determine in time the moment for adjusting the settings, which are affected by the changed market conditions.
Portfolio Monitoring
Current Results and Future Accomplishments
Current Portfolio Management

Over two years ago, AIIP began testing the project. We base our current results on this period. During this period, we have made no adjustments to the algorithm of the system. This proves that we have developed the right model that is suitable for this project, as well as AIIP's ability to control the risks associated with the fall in the cryptocurrency's value and the ability to receive stable profits despite the volatility of crypto assets.

35% p.a.
Projected profitability

We are confident in the correctness of our approach. In the future we plan to update our system and we know exactly what we need for this!

Financial metrics
NPV (Net present value)
$ 75.4 mm
IRR (Internal rate of return)
ROI (Return on investment)
annual average
Payback Period
years after AIIP's
scale-up completion
Future token liquidity
18 250 000,00 $

The project creation


Experiments with cryptocurrency exchange


First version of trade robot and AI developing


Investment strategy and crypto portfolio developing


Aiip beta version creation and testing


First round of investment for private users


System control with an increase in the portfolio budget


Completion of the system testing and positive results achieved


Project documents preparing (Whitepaper, token sale contract, user agreement, KYC procedure etc.)


Legal Entity registration


Marketing plan and partnership ways developing, Promo preparing


Company Promo


Token generation event


Launching users trading system interface


License and required permits obtain Financial markets platforms Listing


Final testing and launching v. 2.0 of the System


New users serving

Our team
Michael Liberman
Michael Liberman
Michael Liberman is known as one of those who founded AIIP. Michael has over 20 years of experience in working with the largest global companies, governmental organizations, and well-known startups. Michael is a Magister in Computer Science. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts and from Mississippi State University. Over these years, he worked as a senior executive for product security, CEO, Head of Architecture and Labs at Ping Identity, scientist, and researcher.
Andrew Shafarevich
Andrew Shafarevich
Andrew is an experienced specialist in Digital Marketing. His experience of work includes 7 years of serving for one of the largest European e-commerce sites. Except for Digital Marketing, his occupation includes more specific fields of Graphic & UI/UX Design, which requires dealing with the most advanced tools and technologies. Andrew is one of the specialists who are coping with different projects. That is why one of his most demanded skills is creativity, using which he can produce the best design ideas for any brand.
Jeong Yang
Jeong Yang
Blockchain and Software
Jeong Yang is a bachelor of science. His major field was related to HTTP/2 protocol. He has vast experience in working as a developer and a software engineer. Before he joined a small studio in Singapore, he was dealing with the developing of software for one of the banks in Switzerland. When working in that company, he got to know about Bitcoin and lighting. Jeong became involved in LND and other projects in that field. Exploring more about the industry, he understood the necessity to devote more time to working on Lightning Network backend services.
Tykera Cross
Tykera Cross
Tykera has a huge experience in working with reputable and reliable clients from all over the world. She took leading positions in several consulting companies working globally with international clients. She gained a lot of new experience in consulting and business management. Laura graduated from Bocconi University with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, statistics, and econometrics. She also graduated from the Zurich Elite Business School.
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